Rob Sneed Shorthorns


The Herd

                              1st calf heifers indulging in a clover and wheat silage hay                                      

RS GIRL 112 04 (x4078272)
This 9 year old purebred shorthorn has more then proven herself over the years by producing above average calves continuously. Her 2012 spring bull calf (RS CO 422 12) is being retained for breeding as a yearling. He shows extreme thinkness and depth along with a very promising EPD sheet. (Pictured on for sale page. Semen available soon) 

RS WONDERFUL 408 06 (x4114202)
This 7 year old purebred shorthorn is the Dam to our proven calving ease bull RS MAX 209 627 09. Her 2012 spring bull calf (RS CO 627 12) is also being retained for the herd and will be used as a yearling. His EPD shows the potential to be yet another great calving ease bull. (Pictured on for sale page. Semen available soon) 

RS GIRL 208 04 (x4078285)
Another 9 year old, with a history of producing excellent roan calves.  Dam to RS CO 429 12 (pictured on for sale page)

RS ORANGE GIRL 320 06 (x4114200)
This 7 year old is also a herd leader in maternal traits. Dam to RS CO 626 12 (pictured on for sale page)


RS DREAM GIRL 904 02 (11 years old)
With 2012 calf

RR GIRL 27th (17 years old)
with 2009 calf RS DV 034 624 09. Predominant herd sire.

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