Rob Sneed Shorthorns



Sneed Shorthorns was founded by Rob Sneed's great great grandfather, John Sneed, who traveled west from Kentucky in 1854 in a covered wagon with his family, his best farm hand, and a few select Shorthorn cows to settle on the current land that encompasses the existing farming operation. Today's Shorthorn cow herd has been developed from that initial group of cows with only the addition of ten cows that Rob selected from Dorothy Wissman Jennings herd in 1984. No other cows had ever been added to this unique genetic pool. By keeping a closed herd, the health and longevity have increased, with 15-year-old cows still producing some of Rob's top calves.

Rob's father John (pictured above) was an avid believer, breeder, and promoter of Shorthorn cattle and passed this passion to his son. The herd today of some 300 registered and commercial Shorthorn cows is a program of sound economic principles. Rob says, "A cow doing a good job all of the time is better then a cow doing great only part of the time." Our cows are maintained on homegrown forages and mineral only, in what Rob describes as " sustainability in a forage based environment."   

By selecting his best heifers and extreme culling over the years, Rob has been able to develop a reproductively efficient herd with excellent maternal traits, with an emphasis in calving ease, and tailoring an end product to fit all facets of the commercial cattle industry from conception to harvest. Rob has been tracking feedlot efficiency and carcass data since 1988 through the University of Missouri Steer Feedouts. It was clear the Sneed cattle would excel in these areas. Sneed cattle have been fed in the Shorthorn Proof Positive feed trials and in recent years finishing all steer calves at home and marketing on the grid with excellent results.

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